Where Can You Find One of the Best Underground Parties in England?

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When you think of partying in England you think London and Manchester. A couple of venues immediately come to mind; Fabric, Egg London, Ministry of Sound, Joshua Brooks, etc. If your buddy says, “Let’s go party in England” you’re not thinking, York.



This is definitely not the case anymore, at least when Calypso throws a party.

Back in July of 2017, I caught Patrick Topping’s Mixmag Lab set in London. Afterwards, a bunch of people at the show went to the pub across the street for a couple of pints. At the pub, I met up with Patrick’s best friend, JonJoe. It was through JonJoe that I learned of two lads in York throwing parties with the brand name Calypso. I reached out to one of them on Instagram.

Niel Hartley is one of the founders of Calypso. We spoke for a bit on IG and met up at The BPM Festival in Sept of 2017. That’s where I met the other founder, Sami Guizani. We drank and spoke about their parties and who they’ve had play for them so far.

If their parties were anything like these two, I was sure it would be a sick time! They told me about their Halloween party the next month and I said I’d be there!

Other than getting to play B2B with Niel, it was the BEST Halloween party I’d ever been to. The venue was a perfect size and had a real underground feel to it. The sound system was thumping the entire night and the venue was jam-packed. They sold out the party. People in line had to wait or get turned away because we were at max capacity within two hours.

This was different from partying in NYC. The minute the doors opened and people came in they were on the dance floor dancing. The energy in the room was contagious and everyone there was there to dance, drink and have a good fuckin time.

I would compare Calypso to a Paradise party. Great crowd, vibe, energy and music. The lineup was stacked with young up and coming DJs who all played amazing sets. Keep your eyes out for these guys; Del30, Alex O’Keefe, Rickie DH, Sami Guizani, Niel Hartley, Sam Jeffery.

Their next party is one NOT to be missed! Just when you think, wtf will they do next, they release a surprise line up like this!


Calypso: Rebuke / Ben Sterling / Sizeup - 27th April

flyer for calypso house music party in York, England


Other parties they’ve thrown have had some of the top and up and coming DJs in the game now. Patrick ToppingLatmun, Solardo, Darius Syrossian, Michael Bibi, Richy Ahmed and Jacky just to name a few.

Calypso is on it’s way to being a major player and household name in our underground house music party scene. I won’t be surprised when they launch their first season in Ibiza. It’s coming, It’s coming soon.

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